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-Feeling scared in your relationship?

-Wondering if you should stay or should you go?

-Being continually pulled into court by your partner?

-In a divorce that is taking over a year?


Dr. Anne is a specialist psychologist in high-conflict relationships and trauma. She has helped hundreds of clients just like you.


Dr. Anne’s Story

It’s hard to say when the last straw came. There were so many. So many stupid, little arguments that seemed to wash over me – or maybe more accurately drown me. The relentless negative atmosphere, being told I was worthless, being raged at when I asked for help or support. Feeling that I was the loneliest I’d ever been in my life, stuck in the middle of my dreadful marriage. 

Why Dr. Anne?

“I recommended Anne to one of my clients who was suffering a traumatic divorce with abuse and domestic violence during many years. She is extremely professional, and I saw an improvement in my client’s situation from the first session with her, which also helped me in dealing with the divorce case. I recommend her without a doubt.”

Inmaculada Albinana Luján, International Lawyer

Why Dr. Anne?

“Dr. Anne is one of the most profound psychologists we at Kamara Youths have the pleasure of working with. Our youths are vulnerable, and Dr. Anne’s method of working with individuals is brilliant. You are a phenomenal human being, and we are grateful for your service.”

Unisa Kamara, Founder of Kamara Youths. International speaker and Youth Advocate Warrior

Why Dr. Anne?

“Just when I think I can’t take this nightmare of a divorce any longer, Dr. Anne steadies me again and I find the strength to carry on. Her support has been invaluable. Without it, I would struggle to maintain the courage to stand up for myself in this abusive and demeaning situation. Thank you Dr. Anne!”

Anna M, Business Owner and client in high-conflict divorce

5 Simple Ways to Spot a Narcissist

Many of my clients come to see me after escaping a destructive relationship and understandably, they are really concerned that they may fall into the same type of relationship. They’ve heard about ‘red flags’ and they may even have read the diagnostic criteria which...

 Rabbits and snakes – Ending a relationship with a Narcissist

Rabbit was a cute little thing. She had a squiggy, pink nose and a little, white tail. She loved to play. She was uber friendly and would always make allowances for everyone. Some might say she was a bit naive and a bit too hopeful, but Rabbit was just Rabbit and...

The cult of domestic violence – escaping domestic violence 

Cult mentality and being mesmerised The more I work therapeutically with victims of prolonged, domestic violence, the more I see the similarities in the type of work I do and that of the de-programming necessary after cult membership. It is not that the abused...

 Navigating a high conflict divorce: keep your ship afloat! 

No doubt if you are reading this, you’ve been feeling like you have been existing in the Twilight Zone. You left your partner after much soul-searching and doubt. You probably still doubt you’ve done the right thing. You lie awake at night thinking: ‘Maybe I should...

Let’s talk about money – escaping domestic violence 

The fundamental importance of money Undoubtedly there are several distinct forms that abuse can take. One that is frequently ignored, perhaps due to its seemingly insignificant nature, when compared to the heightened impact of physical violence, is the use of money....

 6 steps to understanding covert aggression and high-conflict divorce

High-conflict divorce is estimated to occur in approximately 15-30 percentage of divorce settlements. As a legal practitioner it is likely that you have had one or two (or maybe more) of these protracted and at times, baffling divorce negotiations on your...

 Why no-one really ‘gets’ high-conflict divorce

It has been a while since I have written anything personal. I suppose it always comes down to that line of personal and professional, trying to keep some of my personal life, well private. But today I had a conversation with an old friend, that once again let me see...

 And he even took half a bottle of Tabasco – high-conflict divorce the reality

I was discussing with a client the other day the nature of revenge. She had taken to watching a series on Netflix which showed righteous retribution. Her adult son had been somewhat horrified at her choice of viewing material, but quite frankly after her 4 years in...

 How to deal with anxiety during COVID-19 – Moving into 2021 (Part 1) 

This year has been, to say the least, a bit odd. We, as individuals, societies, and nations, found ourselves in a time of unprecedented change and insecurity. As Covid-19 spread around the globe, we found ourselves dealing with changes to our personal, professional,...

The Nature of Submission

I have been having some interesting conversations lately with a few of my female clients regarding the nature of submission. They came about because I realised, I was often hearing a very similar story from those who had been in abusive relationships. In essence the...



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