Exhausted by unhealthy relationships at home and work?

Tired of wasting your time and energy due to difficult people? 

Sick of losing valuable opportunities because of certain people?

Struggling to be heard in your partnerships and teams?



At My Freedom To Thrive we understand your frustration.

Healthy relationships are the foundation to a wonderful life

Our clients base growth on nurturing successful connections

Great Interactions

Learn To Spot Your People

Successful Future

Achieve Your Goals

Growth Partnerships

Make Win-Win Teams

It doesn't matter whether it happens at home or at work, we understand how isolating it is to be stuck in an unhealthy relationship. We appreciate how confusing the popular advice on improving things is. We know you've tried your best to follow the suggestions, with little, to no, discernible results. We get it, you are feeling depleted and scared and desperately need someone to point you in the right direction.

 At My Freedom To Thrive, we have over 30-years’ experience in Psychology, helping thousands of clients just like you make the immediate breakthroughs they need to thrive in their relationships. 

"I recommended Dr. Anne to one of my clients who was suffering a traumatic divorce with abuse and domestic violence during many years. I saw an improvement in my client's situation from the first session with her."

Inmaculada Albinana Luján, International Lawyer

Dr. Anne is one of the most profound psychologists we at Kamara Youths have the pleasure of working with.

Unisa Kamara, Founder of Kamara Youths. International speaker and Youth Advocate Warrior

"I have gained clarity, confidence and conviction in our sessions - which is extremely difficult when coming out of an abusive relationship."

Abby, Online EL Teacher

"Dr Anne, I just want to say a massive thank you for yesterday. It was truly eye opening and felt like a huge load had been taken off my shoulder."

Foundation Owner and Proud Mum of twins

"Dr Anne has helped several of my clients recently, all of whom have benefited hugely from her input. A client today reported that she thought that Dr Anne was "brilliant."

Legal 500: Solicitor. High Net Worth Specialist Divorce & Family Solicitor (20 years+)

Steps To Thrive

We know you want to feel free to enjoy your life

In order to do that, you need to learn how to develop and nurture healthy relationships. The problem is, you suspect you may not have those necessary social skills.

At My Freedom To Thrive, we are founded on the deep committment that each of us has the right to health and happiness both at work and at home, and further, that this bedrock is built on great relationships.

We use our vast experience to teach and guide individuals and organisations on how to flourish through growth relations.



– Give you confidence to create positive, powerful partnerships

– Teach you to walk away from unhealthy relationships

– Make great relationships a non-negotiable for you

Healthy relationships are the foundation of every successful business and family.

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