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Whether you are a Client, a Lawyer, or a Law Firm, we understand the challenge of dealing with difficult divorces. The time-tested processes just won't cut it and you are getting nowhere fast. We get it, you need the right expertise to steer you in the right direction.

Over 30-years helping clients get clarity to make the necessary breakthroughs they need to thrive.

"I recommended Dr. Anne to one of my clients who was suffering a traumatic divorce with abuse and domestic violence during many years. I saw an improvement in my client's situation from the first session with her."

Inmaculada Albinana Luján, International Lawyer

Dr. Anne is one of the most profound psychologists we at Kamara Youths have the pleasure of working with.

Unisa Kamara, Founder of Kamara Youths. International speaker and Youth Advocate Warrior

"I have gained clarity, confidence and conviction in our sessions - which is extremely difficult when coming out of an abusive relationship."

Abby, Online EL Teacher

"Dr Anne, I just want to say a massive thank you for yesterday. It was truly eye opening and felt like a huge load had been taken off my shoulder."

Foundation Owner and Proud Mum of twins

"Dr Anne has helped several of my clients recently, all of whom have benefited hugely from her input. A client today reported that she thought that Dr Anne was "brilliant."

Legal 500: Solicitor. High Net Worth Specialist Divorce & Family Solicitor (20 years+)


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Difficult Divorce Day 3 – turning the negative into a postive (tentatively)

Then I started to wonder, ‘Is it only me? Am I the only unlucky woman trapped in this type of incomprehensible divorce?’ I reached out to lawyers in the UK and started presenting the psychological findings of my research. I half-hoped they would shake their heads and...

Professional success and boundaries: 3 things you have to know

I recently had a bizarre experience where a ‘potential’ client was bad-mouthing me on a post I’d made under my professional page, and then in the next breath, sent me a private DM asking for help. Now here we face a variety of dilemmas: financial, identity, and moral...

Difficult Divorce Day 2 … the illusion shatters

Then out of the blue, another girl friend sent me a link for an article about Domestic Abuse. I can remember thinking, ‘why the hell has she sent me this?’ I was completely baffled. I scrolled down the list of points outlining abuse, completely lost as to their...

Difficult Divorce Day 1 — the ugly truth

I get asked ‘Dr. Anne why do you work with women in difficult divorces?’ Here’s my story… I was so lonely that I felt like I was the last woman alive. How could it be that I was married and yet so completely alone? And why was I so scared? In my head, I continually...

Red Shoes – or creating marketing niches

Some of you may not know, but I have a private FB group and over the last year I used it as a place to begin a community, post my writing, hold webinars, and share links of interest. Problem was I really struggled with it. I never felt totally comfortable or confident...

To block or not to block (communication)? That is the question.

This is a relatively common and murky issue for my female clients: how to deal with ongoing communication in their difficult divorces. As the ladies I work with are coming out of marriages characterized by incredibly unhealthy relationship dynamics, for many the ideal...

If you wanted ‘therapy for change’ where would you start?

How you answer this question is a good indicator of your outcome in therapy.   If you answer: 1. I would wait for someone to 'give me' the answer 2. I would wait for the professionals to take 'reponsibility' 3. I would wait until 'I have permission' to selfcare...

(At risk of being shot) My problem with ‘good divorce’​ week

Ok, I’ll admit it off the bat: I am skewed in my perspective. I am probably not the most objective commentator on this because of the nature of my work and my client group. I specialise in trauma and abuse – it’s my daily diet. My clients are in the main professional...

Are you ready to take your clothes off?

In his book "The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life." Sociologist Erving Goffman uses the metaphor of the stage to argue that much of our self-presentation is performative. We have the backstage and the frontstage. When working with professionals this is something...

Always follow the light

In February it was my birthday. I wrote this 2 days after turning 49. I pondered on what my near half century on the planet had taught me? 1. Authenticity is like a volcano In my younger days I tried to 'fit' in. In relationships. In career. In 'groups'. Try as I...

Experts who really understand the realities of a difficult divorce are vital for overall success.

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