About our Founder 

My Freedom To Thrive was born out of the chaos of my own Difficult Divorce. Finding myself in Spain with a young son, no family support, and what seemed a never-ending round of court appointments, I decided that some good was going to come out of the nightmare I found myself in.

Even though I had a background in psychology, an enormous amount of client experience, and what I thought at the time, was a lot of common sense, my divorce showed me that I had made some really bad choices along the way. 

It would have been easy to sit in a state of perpetual rage, blaming others for my misery but the hard truth was, I was an adult, a mum, and an intelligent woman so I needed to put my big girl pants on and figure out how I had got myself into this mess. It wasn’t easy and at times felt wholly unjust, but little by little I found myself breaking away from the past. 

I started working with clients – showing them the short-cuts, giving them the warnings of what to expect, teaching the tricks to stay sane during the process. Putting all my rusty skills back into practice made me feel like I had something of value to share.

I began to present to UK Lawyers about what I had learnt. It was clear I wasn’t the only one in this situation. Not only that but I discovered the lawyers were suffering too. I researched the Law Firms and began to see the true scale of the problem. Difficult Divorces were causing immmense damage to anyone who came into contact with them.

That’s when I knew My Freedom To Thrive had arrived.

We had a vision – to be the number one provider of psychological services for Difficult Divorces

Our mission quite simply, to break the trauma cycle by

Helping our clients shout out #MYFREEDOMTOTHRIVE



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