Dr. Anne Phd


My Story

lt’s hard to say when the last straw came. There were so many. So many stupid, little arguments that seemed to wash over me – or maybe more accurately drown me. The relentless negative atmosphere, being told I was worthless, being raged at when I asked for help or support. Feeling that I was the loneliest I’d ever been in my life, stuck in the middle of my dreadful marriage.


I didn’t talk to anyone about the shouting, the put downs or the sudden, awful bursts of anger. I thought it was ‘normal’, that it was part of being married. I had no positive relationships around me to use as a template, my own family being far from perfect.


As a Psychologist I tried every trick in the book, to predict, mitigate, soothe and work around my incredibly difficult home situation. None of it worked. Eventually, exhausted, defeated and heart broken, I realised I had to leave for my sanity and my son’s well-being.


But that wasn’t the end, not by far. The next stage was court. All of the difficult behaviour exhibited ‘behind closed doors’ was now being played out via the legal system. It went on for years.


It takes a lot to navigate exiting a destructive relationship and survive a high-conflict divorce. I had to do it all alone, but you don’t have to.

I work with you to help you understand the strategies you need to break free of your toxic relationship and manage the divorce and family court, saving you time and money, dealing with the trauma you have experienced and getting you on the road to building a new, healthy, happy life as quickly as possible.

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