Where should I begin?

At My Freedom To Thrive we have been developing our Difficult Divorce delivery pathway for nearly 2 years

Our aim is meet you where your needs are

We suggest you first check out our introductory resources to make sure you are in the right place

Difficult Divorce 

Begin your journey with us by learning more about Difficult Divorces with our information-rich resources. We also offer a short self-assessment that will help you understand your situation better. We regularly add new posts and resources so why not join our mailing list to stay-up-date


Join our online platform. It provides a safe space for you to explore your boundaries and gain confidence in yourself. With our resources, you’ll be empowered with the skills needed to make decisions that are best for your future.

FLY Program

Our Fly Program is specifically designed to help you thrive during your Difficult Divorce. Its structured learning is delivered one-on-one esnuring you have all of the basic information you need to turn your divorce negotiations around.