Dealing with a Difficult Divorce?

Divorce negotiations going nowhere?

Struggling to make sense of your exes decision-making?

Losing time and money because you can’t reach a decision?

Frustrated by people asking you why your divorce isn’t over with yet?


You´ve found your path to freedom with 

Dr. Anne’s



be honest about what you really want


get confident about asking for what you want


plan how to get what you want

Dr. Anne understands your divorce is killing you: emotionally, psychologically and financially.

She knows no matter what you suggest, your ex just will not negotiate reasonably. Every small decision turns into a battle ground, costing you a fortune and a heap of stress.

She understands that you’ve tried to do the best for the kids, to keep them out of it. She knows you are tired of being asked by friends and family ‘why isn’t it over with yet?’

She knows how tired and scared for the future you are.

She knows because she has lived it.

Dr. Anne admits it took her several years to work out what was going on and now she wants to share her knowledge so you can this vital information in several weeks. Bringing together her 30 years of Psychology knowledge and her own personal experience, she has designed her unique FLY Programme for Women in Difficult Divorces 

    Dr. Anne knows you want to be free of your divorce

    In order to do that you need to have the best information and support around. The problem is you are bombarded with different messages about what you should do. It’s hard to know what is the best choice.   

    Dr. Anne is that choice.

    Dr. Anne believes that we all have the right to a happy, harmonious life and to do that we need first to break free of unhealthy people. She teaches you how.

    Here’s how she does it:

    1. Gives you the confidence to be smart about your choices

    2. Helps you take control back of your life

    3. Teaches you how to make great relationship choices going forward

    Working with a specialist saves time, energy, and money.

    Dr. Anne is that specialist. Book a call today.

    Packages Available 

    Find the best way forward for you. Your future is only a booking away.

    Single session 

    In a first contact call, get some clarity about your situation and decide the best way forward.

    FLY Programme

    Dive right in and kick start getting control of your life back today. 

    With 5 sessions of 90 minutes completed over 2 months, you have full access to Dr. Anne’s expertise, attention and support.


    Deluxe FLY Programme

    Want to supercharge your results? Book the Deluxe FLY programme.

    Add an additional 5 sessions with Dr. Anne.

    Use these additional sessions to consolidate your FLY Programme learning.