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Psychology services for Love and Divorce

Wasting your potential to unhealthy relationships?

Frustrated by certain people in your life?

Struggling to be heard in your partnerships?

Losing valuable opportunities because you cannot break free?

Healthy relationships are the foundation to a wonderful life

Our clients learn how to say 'no' to difficult situations

Great Interactions

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We understand how it feels to be stuck in unhealthy relationships. We know how isolating it can be when no-one seems to get how stuck you are. We know how confusing all the advice is. We know how tiring it is trying to improve situations that refuse to get better. We know how much you’ve tried. And most of all we understand how scared you are.

We have over 30-years’ experience in Psychology, helping thousands of clients make the
immediate breakthroughs they need to thrive in love and work. We can help you.

"I recommended Dr. Anne to one of my clients who was suffering a traumatic divorce with abuse and domestic violence during many years. I saw an improvement in my client's situation from the first session with her."

Inmaculada Albinana Luján, International Lawyer

Dr. Anne is one of the most profound psychologists we at Kamara Youths have the pleasure of working with.

Unisa Kamara, Founder of Kamara Youths. International speaker and Youth Advocate Warrior

"I have gained clarity, confidence and conviction in our sessions - which is extremely difficlt when coming out of an abusive relationship."

Abby, Online EL Teacher

"Dr Anne, I just want to say a massive thank you for yesterday. It was truly eye opening and felt like a huge load had been taken off my shoulder."

Foundation Owner and Proud Mum of twins

"Dr Anne has helped several of my clients recently, all of whom have benefited hugely from her input. A client today reported that she thought that Dr Anne was "brilliant."

Legal 500: Solicitor. High Net Worth Specialist Divorce & Family Solicitor (20 years+)

We know you want to
feel free to enjoy your life

In order to do that, you need to surround yourself by healthy people. The problem is you don’t know how to make those judgment calls and that makes you feel like you are stuck in bad situations.

We believe we all have the right to be the fullest expression of ourselves in love and work. She understands that want that too which is why she uses her vast experience to help you get it



Gives you confidence to choose the people and situations you deserve in your life

Helps you get comfortable in letting go of unhealthy attachments

Teaches you how to make great relationships non-negotiable

Steps To Thrive

So, book a call with us now and begin your relationship transformation. And in the
meantime, read our blog, or follow us on social media and find out more about our work.
You can stop feeling trapped and proclaim to the world ‘My Freedom To Thrive!’