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 What if there was a way to free up an estimated 5 – 10 hours per 100 hours across your organisation?

What if this same method would also improve your staff’s mental well-being and increase staff retention rates?

What if by making this change you could help create the foundations of a sustainable, healthy working environment which you would be proud to lead?

What if by doing this one simple thing, you could have clients who were eased through their legal journey and would be happy to recommend your firm to others?

What if this method could potentially increase your annual revenue exponentially?


Avoid Staff Burnout

Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism

Grow Your Business

Unlock time for client prospecting and staff CPD

Protect Your Reputation

Improve client service satisfaction

Recent research by LawCare found that more than 2/3 of lawyers have experienced mental ill health in the past year. Of that 44% had not reported their suffering to their employees for fear of being stigmatised. Lawyers reported being concerned with the impact on their reputation and career prospects.

It is clearly time for a change.

At My Freedom To Thrive we understand that there is often a perceived tension between financial priorities and staff health. We know that there is commonly reticence around open discussions around mental health and addictions in case there may be an impact on organisational reputation. We know that when you are trying to grow your business, psychological services may be seen as an unnecessary expenditure. We are also aware that you want the best working environment for your staff that you can provide.

We have over 30 years’ experience in Psychology supporting all types of professionals and organisations, advising them on how to create the referral and support systems which embed health, positively impacting on the revenue stream.




At My Freedom To Thrive we know that your most valuable asset is your staff – without them you simply could not operate. We understand that their well-being is a major operational concern for your bottom line, impacting on recruitment, retention, and absenteeism.

Having specialist, well-being services embedded into your company’s everyday working practices creates a thriving, growth-oriented working environment – a business model which is essential for your firm to flourish in a competitive, legal marketplace.

More than that though, our services can also open a window to direct increased monthly and annual revenue by changing some very simple operational practices.

To find out more about how our services can help you free up your Lawyer’s time to be better spent on CPD and new client prospecting, book a call with our founder Dr. Anne and receive our business model service proposition.
In-house education

Having legal staff who are knowledgeable on the management and tactics of difficult individuals creates a foundation which acts to buffer some of the more demanding and damaging psychological elements of dealing with challenging clients and cases.

By arrangement, Dr. Anne can be booked to provide in-house training on various topics, including the following suggestions:

• early identification of cases which are likely to be problematic
• underlying psychological features of difficult individuals
• specific case discussion and analysis
• communicative practices when dealing with clients and legal counterparts
• protective techniques to reduce reactivity to these cases
• well-being and work-life balance