It’s hard dealing with cases that don’t make sense

It’s exhausting when clients demand more than usual

It’s lonely having nowhere to go to decompress 

The reality is, for some cases you just need expert support

Stay Fresh

Learn to grow

Be Balanced

Talk it out

Excel Everyday

Prioritise health

2/3 of lawyers have experienced mental ill health in the past year. Of those 44% had not reported their situation to their employer for fear of being stigmatised (LawCare, 2021)


There can be no denying that things are not looking ‘well’ within the legal profession. Report after report is painting a grim picture of collective, silent suffering.

We know being stuck between being a professional and being a person can be hard. It can be far too easy to forget to prioritise self-care. We also know that sometimes your clients want more than you are trained to deliver and it can leave you deflated and depleted. It can be hard to know where to go to get the support you need.

At My Freedom To Thrive we specialise in supporting lawyers who are dealing with Difficult Divorces and high-conflict cases. With over 30 years of psychology experience, you can feel confident we have the resources to support you do your best work.



¨Good health is not something you can buy, but it is an extremely useful savings account¨

 Anne Wilson Schaef




Wellness services for lawyers

We know that you want to offer your clients the best service you possibly can. We also know that you are human  and that sometimes you are simply beyond your capacity. 

We understand that difficult cases take a toll – it’s normal. The great news is that with our support, you can stay calm, positive, and productive.

Here’s what we provide:

• space to talk through difficult or high-conflict cases 

• expertise and insight into the psychology of difficult divorces

• skills to make your own well-being non-negotiable 

• supervision for those cases that are triggering