Struggling with that one case that is always on your mind?

At your wit’s end to know how to handle that certain client?

Losing time and valuable business opportunities because you can’t say ‘no’?

Taking your work home with you?

Avoid Burnout

Get the headspace to think things through and reduce your stress

Feel Re-Energised

Get the weight off your shoulders by taking the time for self-care

Do What You Do Best

Get back to what you love doing, practicing Law

Recent research by LawCare found that more than 2/3 of lawyers have experienced mental ill health in the past year. Of that 44% had not reported their suffering to their employees for fear of being stigmatised. Lawyers reported being concerned with the impact on their reputation and career prospects.

It is clearly time for a change.

We know how it feels to be stuck between being a professional and being a person. We know you are often so busy caring for others that you forget to care for yourself. We know that sometimes your clients expect more than you are trained to deliver. We understand that asking for help can feel difficult because you don’t want to be seen as not coping.

We have over 30 years of experience in Psychology supporting all types of professionals. Clients who need the space to decompress and find some new perspectives, so that they can get back to doing what they love at home and work. We can help you.




Psychology services for Lawyers

We know that you want to feel you are offering your clients the best service you possibly can. We also know you are human – sometimes you are the one who needs expert support. To do that you need to know where you can put your trust.

We understand that difficult cases take their toll on legal professionals’ mental, physical and family well-being. We know that with the right support, from the right person, Lawyers can avoid burnout and get back to enjoying the work they love.

We know that’s what you want.

Here’s how we do it:

• Gives you the space to talk through difficult cases 

• Provides expertise and insight into the Psychology of difficult individuals

• Teaches you to make your own well-being non-negotiable 

• Helps you work through those cases that are triggering

Book a call with us now and begin prioritising yourself: the first step to professional performance excellence is knowing when to stop being a professional and start being a human being.

Discrete, confidential services for Lawyers

Single 60-minute session – £180

Packs of 60-minute sessions:

4 Sessions – £700

8 Sessions – £1350