My Freedom To Thrive’s Model – Difficult Divorce

At My Freedom To Thrive, we created the term: 

Difficult Divorce


In the following we explain why we created it, what it means, and why we know these types of divorces require different psychological services and strategies.


My Freedom To Thrive’s Model

We work with a simple, grounding assumption:

Difficult Individuals cause Difficult Divorces


Difficult Individuals act, think, behave, and negotiate in ways that are purposefully and knowingly obstructive, competitive, and controlling.

Their psychological presentation and interpersonal pattern, creates havoc within relational and legal systems which are designed on principles of equity, fairness, and justice.

For all those who encounter them, the net result is rising stress, spiralling costs, and extreme psychological distress.

It is understandable that divorce can easily become a touchpoint for confusion and friction as all of these themes meet and compound.

Getting a divorce
Our hope is that in bringing awareness of this psychological reality, it will act as some protection against the disappointment and shock when these individuals repeatedly demonstrate their destructive nature.


 Our aim is to help all our clients and partner lawyers thrive no matter how difficult the divorce.



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