Tired of dead-end romantic relationships?

Sex life not performing as it should?

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Healthy Relationships Are The Key

To A Happy Life

Grow Your Love

Ask for what you want and need

Feel Confident

Rid yourself of guilt and shame

Live Lighter

Get your happy-ever-after

At My Freedom To Thrive, we understand that unhealthy relationships are miserable. Time is lost to second-guessing, avoiding conversations you need to have, and feeling that no one really understands. We know you want to get it right and that you try your best, but sometimes, it feels like no matter what you do, every relationship goes wrong. We get it, it can be so confusing to even know where to begin.

We have over 30-years’ experience in Psychology and we have helped thousands of clients make the immediate breakthroughs they need to thrive in their romantic relationships.

We can help you!

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At My Freedom To Thrive we know you want to enjoy your love life.

To do that, you need to make great relationship choices. The problem is you suspect you don’t know how to make those judgement calls, which makes you feel like you are stuck in bad situations.

We believe everyone has the right to great love life and have positive, encouraging relationships with those around them.  We appreciate that you want that too, which is why we have different options to choose from so that you can find the service which suits you.


Here’s what we offer:

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