FLY Programme

Why the FLY Programme?

If you are in a difficult divorce, you will know it. Why? Because you will be confused, nothing in your divorce will make sense and your legal bills will be sky-rocketing. 

The faster you can stabilise your emotions and understand the psychological tactics at play, the faster you are going to be able to negotiate from a position of strength, free yourself from the control of your past relationship, and get your new life underway.

Why not traditional therapy?

With generic therapy you are going to take the long route to completing your divorce. Many of my clients come to me after they have followed this path for 2 or more years. They are on their knees, desperate, and nearly broke. 

Investing in working with a specialist early on, is going to save you an exponential amount of time, energy, and money over the coming months and years.

    The FLY Programmes


    The FLY Programmes are especially designed for professional women in difficult divorces.

    Tailored around everyone’s journey, whether you are contemplating leaving or are a battle-scarred veteran, there is a service to suit your needs.

    Based around 3 core elements:

    FEEL – calming emotions and anxiety

    LEARN – educating on the psychology of difficult individuals 

    YEARN – planning for a healthy, happy future


    At the moment, it probably feels like you are in a situation you can’t control. Because of this, it is very likely that you are suffering from some, if not all of the following symptoms below:

    sleep and appetite disturbance


    anxiety and depression

    brain fog and confusion


    loneliness and isolation

    Don’t worry, these are quite common and are contextual – they are caused by the situation you are in and are not permanent.

    Using relaxation techniques, we will first calm your arousal levels so that you can start to feel more like yourself and be able to think more clearly.


    Knowing what is actually happening and why it is happening is half the battle.

    When you are in the middle of a destructive relationship pattern it is often very difficult to make sense of what part is your responsibility for what is happening.

    Being educated on difficult people’s behaviour and tactics is vital for you to understand and take control of your divorce process.

    With time, you will be able to predict and protect against some of the irrationality of what you will be experiencing as you try to reach an agreement with your ex-partner.


    Now that you have the basics to navigate your divorce, it is important to begin to plan for your new healthier future.

    This is an important step you can recognise the relationship patterns that led you into this destructive partnership in the first place – you don’t want to repeat the same mistake. It is also going to help strengthen your psychological armour so that you can manage any contacts with your ex, whether solely in the divorce process or into the future if you share children.

    Finally, and most excitingly, it is about beginning the process of beginning to explore and enjoy the many possibilities that your new life is opening up for you.

    Choose the package for you



    For those looking to kick-start their self-discovery 3 sessions of 60 minutes completed over 8 weeks


    My unique FLY Programme designed to get you on track fast

    5 sessions of 90 minutes completed over 6 weeks

    Includes: Weekly discovery activities



    The ultimate bespoke package for throughout your divorce journey

    Includes: the FLY programme with weekly discovery activities.

    Plus: 5 additional follow-up therapy sessions over 3 months, and between session Whats App availability.