Get your wings back

Soar4Freedom is our comprehensive learning app designed to help you thrive during and after divorce. With our online resources and tools designed for every step of your journey, you can gain the knowledge and confidence you need to create the future that you deserve.

Gain Essential Knowledge 

We provide a range of online courses and materials that will give you the knowledge and understanding needed to make informed decisions about your divorce and well-being. With our help, you can feel confident in your ability to thrive and plan a future you deserve.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Our courses are designed for people at all stages of the journey, whether you’re just  beiginning to make sense of your divorce or are ready to move on to a new healthy, relationship. We offer a flexible learning environment where you can learn at your own pace, without any pressure or stress.

Feel Confident with Support

We offer one-on-one guidance and tailored advice so that you can feel confident in making decisions that are right for you. Our KickAss Angels communtity provide the necessary group support for throughout your journey.

Divorces are not all created equal. Difficult divorce journeys require different resources at different times. 

I have designed my online courses to bring you the basic information that I wished I could have had access to, to help me thrive.

I know that this knowledge at my finger tips, would have saved me a lot of time, money, and pain.

Dr. Anne

Founder, My Freedom To Thrive

7 Tactics of Difficult Men

7 Tactics of Difficult Men is a program designed to help you recognize and break free from manipulative and controlling

behaviors of difficult men. Our program equips you with the tools and resources needed to take back your freedom during

your divorce and beyond.

Identify & Understand Manipulative Tactics

We provide 7 tactics that difficult men commonly use to control and confuse, so that you can identify them and take steps towards regaining your power during your divorce negotiations. It will also prepare you for what you do not want when you are ready to get back out there on the dating scene.

Gain Clarity & Reclaim Your Power

Our program helps you become more assertive and gain clarity by understanding the underlying dynamics of your situation. We guide you on how to reclaim your psychological stability in an empowering way.

Develop Self-Awareness & Confidence

Learn how to develop self-awareness and confidence to break free from manipulative behavior. We provide you with the tools, resources, and support needed to begin to break free of the gaslighting and power play, getting you ready to thrive again. 

Take Back Control of Your Life

Lay the foundations of a life free from manipulation and control with our step-by-step education program designed to help you take back power personally and professionally

Ditch the Divorce

Ditch the Divorce is a 6-week group coaching program with additional course material designed to help you understand the

difficult divorces and the difficult men that make them so hard. You’ll gain knowledge, skills, and techniques to create a life

filled with joy, purpose, and freedom.

Group Coaching

You’ll join a supportive and caring environment of other people who are also seeking freedom from their pasts. With over 6 weeks of group coaching you’ll learn to create boundaries, develop healthy relationships, and live an empowered life – all fueled by compassion for yourself and others.

Dynamics of Difficult Divorces

You’ll get an in-depth understanding of the dynamics that can make some divorces so difficult. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to move forward with greater clarity and confidence.

Additional Course Material on Difficult Men

The course includes additional material specifically addressing the unique challenges of difficult men during a divorce which will help you identify the red flags that could keep you trapped in an unhealthy relationship.

Online Community

You’re never alone when your part of the KickAss Angels community! Get access to 24/7 online support where members can share their experiences and get some real understanding.

Soar4Freedom with Dr. Anne

Soar4Freedom is an empowering program that helps you to finally find the freedom to live your best life. With our 6-month

one-to-one sessions with Dr. Anne, you’ll learn how to break free from the negative infuence of your divorce and begin to


Achieve True Freedom

Our program will help you to identify and understand the source of your present difficulties, so that you can take control

of your life. We’ll provide a safe, non-judgemental space for you to grow in confidence, so that you can achieve true


Expert Guidance & Support

Dr. Anne is an experienced Chartered Psychologist who has been helping people reach their goals for over 30 years. She will

guide and support you throughout the program, providing tailored advice which will help you get back on track and stay


Unlock Your Potential

The 6 months worth of one-to-one sessions with Dr Anne will help unlock your potential, enabling you to make positive

changes in your life and reach success faster than ever before. Together we’ll create a plan that works for YOU and helps

you overcome any personal challenges that may come up along the way

Small Changes, Big Differences

Small Changes, Big Differences is an online well-being program that helps you make

lasting health changes in just 5 minutes per day. It combines evidence-based methods

and practices to help you live a better life.

Data-driven, personalized care

We use the latest research and technology to guide you into designing your own personalized care plan tailored to your specific needs. We leverage goal-setting and motivational techniques to help you make lasting changes in your well-being.

The power of 5 minutes per day

Our unique program only takes 5 minutes per day. This means that even if you have a busy schedule, you can still make time for self-care and transformation.

Accessible from anywhere

Simple Changes, Big Differences is available on any device, so you can access it from anywhere in the world – perfect for people on the go! Plus, our intuitive design makes it easy to use and understand, so there’s no learning curve.

Set your goals and track your progress

Set up your goals with our easy-to-use dashboard, then track your progress over time. Our goal setting tool will help you establish achievable goals and create action plans for achieving them.