Just when I think I can’t take this nightmare of a divorce any longer, Dr. Anne steadies me again and I find the strength to carry on. Her support has been invaluable. Without it, I would struggle to maintain the courage to stand up for myself in this abusive and demeaning situation. Thank you Dr. Anne!

Anna M.


Dr. Anne continues to prove to be an instrumental piece in getting through my divorce. She gave me a soft cushion to land on when I needed it, and gave me tough time love when it was appropriate. She knows her stuff! I would not hesitate to refer anyone going through a life hardship to Dr. Anne.

Maria A.

Dr. Anne is very good at creating a safe place for one to speak. The techniques she uses really do make a difference and I’d recommend her to anyone.

Paloma A.


I’ve had sessions with Dr. Anne and very happy with the outcome, very much recommend.

Tasha H.

Highly recommended for everyone as the environment of the sessions is both comfortable and peaceful.

Harry F.

Dr. Duguid,I’d like to express my thanks for your interest, support and counselling regarding my recent surgery. Having someone who understood my physical activities and interests made it much easier to communicate my needs and expectations.

As background for anyone reading this recommendation: I am a lifelong martial arts instructor and practitioner who found myself facing a five-level spinal fusion which could greatly limit my mobility and end my career. However, not getting the surgery would likely result in losing my ambulation. My choice was evident though not positive nor easy to accept. Dr. Duguid helped me identify and face my fears, and, more importantly, identify and realize the benefits of the surgery, helping me to accept the correct choice.
Once time for the surgery came, she continued to support me by making a relaxation recording to help me unwind and prepare for the very difficult and invasive surgery. I used it frequently after the six-hour long surgery to help me deal with the pain and confusion caused by such an invasive experience.
As time passed, I regained physical function and saw very positive results from the surgery. However, it was still difficult to adjust to my limitations, learning to be patient as my body healed. Dr. Duguid has continued to provide support during this process, helping me identify and deal with the residual issues and after effects of the surgery.
Again, I’d like to express my profound gratitude for your understanding, support and counsel during this difficult experience.


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